Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What the -- ?

Okay, so I find a "Donner Party" hit on YouTube and open this "video" by The Donner Party:

Now, I'm not at all au courant with this sort of thing, so would be obliged if some more with-it reader could explain to me what this is all about.


Doug McGuire said...

Looks like it is a song called Rose's Bad Day by a band called the Donner Party. The description says this is their new EP, which means Extended Play, modern parlance for a single.

Kristin Johnson said...

Hi, Doug --

Thanks for the reply!

Sorry, I wasn't very explicit. My first version of the blog was so snarky that I took it down immediately, and the revised version is too vague. I actually did gather that it was a song by a group called Donner Party, but except for the satanic nonsense at the beginning, I was at a loss as to what the song was about. If you want to call it a song, that is. I'm still mired in the old-fashioned notion that a song has 1. lyrics and 2. a melody. Incomprehensible screaming sounds like a tantrum to me.


Doug McGuire said...

Well, as they say, my bad! After posting the comment I wondered if you were looking something more interpretive. No thanks! I listened to about five seconds and quit. :-)

I sent you an email, by the way; if the email link on your website is valid!


Anonymous said...

It's common among bands in the more extreme forms of hardcore and metal to be obsessed with the morbid and grotesque, e.g. Marilyn Manson. It's generally an attempt to shock and little more. An exception to this is a segment of black metal involved with church burnings and murder.