Sunday, December 13, 2009

New offering from Gabrielle Burton

Last year the University of Nebraska published Gabrielle Burton's memoir Searching for Tamsen Donner, in which she chronicles her quest to find the elusive heroine of the Donner Party. Next year Hyperion will publish Gabrielle's novel, Impatient with Desire, which tells Tamzene's story through an imaginative recreation of her lost diary. The book isn't due out until March 1, 2010, but can be pre-ordered through Amazon at a significant reduction of price. (Standard disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the book.) For more about Gabrielle and her work, visit her website:


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

35 years ago my husband and I gave birth to our first daughter who we named Tamsen, after the hero of the Donner Party. Our Tamsen has also literally been a hero in our family - her husband is currently dying and she will soon be a widow with three small children. She steadfastly refuses to leave her dying husband to go to work to earn much needed money for the family. Instead she does a typing job from her home so she can care for him. Our heroine is Tamsen - appropriately named for Tamsen Donner.

Suzanne Ballard
Cedar City, UT

Kristin Johnson said...

Oh, my -- it sounds like you gave her the right name, for sure. A hard fate, but like the original Tamzene, she's meeting it courage and dignity. What an inspiring story -- best wishes to her and to you, and thanks for writing.


AJ said...

I watched Ric Burns PBS film on the Donner Party in '96 and have been haunted by this story ever since. I've read Dan Rosen's website from start to finish and found Virginia Reed's account at our library. I agree about the clip...those snowshoes look like they're from LL Bean. I have often thought how I would depict this story in a feature film and its quite obvious that it couldn't be told in a single 2-3 hour stretch. I'm not a film maker but I'm convinced it could be done given the right script, a talented production crew and a big enough budget. comments welcome.