Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Book Available

I checked the Jesse Stuart Foundation website yesterday and Allan Eckert's new Donner Party book, Dark Journey, is available for purchase here. 334 p., $25.00. Haven't read it yet, but hope to soon.


robert d said...

You have to have a fondness for any article that has the moniker Fosdick in it.

As for the award, you can probably sell it on Craig's List for $1,000 to someone who has literary aspirations.

Who gnu,


Kristin Johnson said...

Uh, thanks (I think). But since the award has my name and the title of the article engraved on it, nobody else'd buy it because they couldn't fob it off as their own. The problem with putting it up is that it's so handsome it makes the rest of the place look shabby!